How We Work

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My job is to help organizations and people prosper by placing them in situations where they can succeed. I offer solutions to companies helping them to become more effective in their commercial, operational, and/or financial segments of their business. I also offer people the opportunity to leverage their careers by taking their skills and experience to new organizations this change allows them to grow, make more money and/or improve their lot in life.

I do not create jobs, nor do I create people. I listen to what companies need, I breakdown the necessary skill set, and then I find people who can provide the tools needed to meet my clients’ needs.

I have 30 years of recruiting experience in engineering, operations, and technical product marketing across all industries and disciplines. Among my strengths is a keen ability to assess candidates’ qualifications and determine their potential for success within a given company culture. In addition, I have been successful in establishing many long-term relationships with clients. These relationships have come from having gained a thorough understanding of their business, products and company culture and then delivering quality service time and time again.

The Graymore Group provides comprehensive search and placement services to a number of technical markets. I am a member/owner of NPAworldwide a network of independent placement services located throughout the North America and across 5 other continents. These affiliations significantly add to our ability to service our clients.