Who We Are

Peter Feldermann, Principle of the Graymore Group

Peter Feldermann, Principle of the Graymore Group, is highly qualified to facilitate your company’s quest to find the best possible job candidates…

Peter Feldermann is an accomplished corporate staffing and human services professional. His background as a psychologist (he holds an MA degree in Clinical Psychology with emphasis on Industrial and Behavioral Psychology), and his experience as a manager and recruiter, both in-house with an international corporation and in an independent agency, combine to give him the unique ability to understand recruiting from the perspective of both sides of the recruiting equation.

Graymore Group is a boutique search firm with an longstanding history of placing leaders across the spectrum: in operations, supply chain, human resources, technology, IT, finance, research and development, and sales and marketing.

With 82% of resumes submitted leading to interviews, both small and large companies benefit from our services because, regardless of size, all companies need to hire the best candidates.

Graymore Group delivers personalized service with search process leadership through a single point of contact.

Let us bring energy, enthusiasm, experience, and insight to resolving your next hiring project.